“Being a sports fan is a complex matter, in part irrational but not unworthy; a relief from the seriousness of the real world, with its unending pressures and often grave obligations.” – Richard Gilman. With every new season, increases the love for the game. All the sports fans around the world know that every new season is going to bring more action and spice to the game. In this article, we will guide you to watch your favorite sports events for free using the kodi sports addons.

Watching sports gives mental peace and the feeling of patriotism despite the diversities. There are billions of sports fans around the world, waiting eagerly for their team in action. If you are a Kodi user, then you will have a query “How to watch sports on Kodi?“.

Well, it’s possible with the help of sports addons for Kodi. Though there are hundreds of addons for Kodi, only a few add-ons allow you to stream Sports. That too finding a working sports addon is quite difficult. Because many of the Kodi sports addons has expired recently due to various reasons. But don’t worry! We are going to provide the best Kodi sports addons to watch live sports on Kodi. With these add-ons, you can watch sports channels on Kodi, stream live sports on Kodi and also replay sports on Kodi.

best kodi sports addons 2017

Another thing to remember is you can keep track of the events that are going to happen and look out for the events on the addons earlier. Since some of the live telecasts are available as PPV only. Here we have provided the list of best sports addons, that will not disappoint you and are the most popular ones too.

In order to watch sports on Kodi, you have to install Kodi sports addons. In general, there are two methods to install Kodi addons. One way is by installing from the zip file on your system. Another way is by adding the source URL of the Kodi Sports addons repository. The second method is a widely used technique. So, we shall discuss it here.


How to watch live sports on Kodi?

1. If you don’t have Kodi installed on your device, then you may download it from here.

2. After installing Kodi, just open it. You will find the homepage of Kodi. You can find the Menu on the left side of the page.

3. On the top of the page, you can find a gear icon (system). Just tap on it.

4. Now the system page will open up. Here you have to select File Manager.

5. On the next screen, you can find an option called Add Source. Double click on it.

6. Click on <None> option on the immediate page and enter the source URL of the addon to be installed.

7. After adding the URL, (refer to the table shared in this article) give a name to the source file and click OK.

8.  After adding the source file successfully now we have to install the repository and addon.

9. Go back to the home screen and click on Addons. Here you can find an unzip icon at the top. Just tap on it.

10. Choose “Install from zip file” from the options provided.

11. Then you have to select the respective folder to install the zip file.

12. Once the zip file is installed, you will receive a notification that the addon repository is installed successfully.

13. Now choose “Install from repository“. Navigate to the required repository and click on the addon to install it.

This is the procedure to install the Kodi Sports addons. Let us see some of the most popular sports addons available on Kodi.

Best sports addons for Kodi

Here comes the important part of this article “best Kodi sports addons”. After testing out 40+ Kodi sports add-ons we have shortlisted these addons. You can install them by using the source URL shared in the below table.

Source URL of the Best Kodi sports addons

Kodi Sports AddonSource URL
Sports Devilhttp://www.mediafire.com/file/l24at8ga43sabkr/plugin.video.SportsDevil_NL15-7.zip
Halow TVhttp://repo.halowtv.org/
UK Turkhttps://addoncloud.org/ukturk/install/
DC Sportshttp://srp.nu
Made in Canadahttp://mediarepos.net/tco
Zem tvhttp://srp.nu
Planet MMAhttp://srp.nu
Sports Worldhttp://kdil.co/repo/
P2P Sportshttp://www.mediafire.com/file/aigltddcsnxiwel/plugin.video.p2psport-master.zip
Falcon Sportshttp://ajbuilds.uk/repo
Live Hubhttps://archive.org/download/repository.streamhub
Rising Tideshttp://mullafabz.xyz/Repository/
Sports 365https://bugatsinho.github.io/repo/
Gridiron Legendshttp://repo.noledynasty.xyz/
Limitless Live IPTVhttp://luxurywizard.space/luxury/
The Loophttps://loopaddon.uk/loop/

Sports Devil

Sports Devil is one of the most popular sports addons for Kodi to watch live sports. It is one of the best Kodi sports addons that was released earlier too. Though this addon is the first to make its way, it is constantly updated and one of the most downloaded addon for watching sports. You can view the blogs related to your favorite sporting action too in this addon. It provides live sports, live tv and sports tv which are considered a large number of channels you can find. It also contains a favorite section where you can find your favorite sports and you can keep track of the events across the world.

This addon is built exclusively in favor of football fans though it contains the other sports too. A lot of streams that are available in this addon are exclusively reserved for football. This is one of the best Kodi sports addons for watching live football action and highlights of the event.

Install Sportsdevil Kodi addon

Halow live Tv

Halow live Tv is another popular sports addon to watch International sports and International sports channels. It offers some top sports channels like Bein TV, Sky Sports, Digi TV, Nova TV, and much more popular channels. This addon also has an exclusive reservation for football fans. You can find all the highlights and full matches of the recent events and main events. You can access them anywhere and anytime.

It also contains two types of streaming options, that is you can stream both HD quality as well as standard quality depending on the speed of your internet connectivity. Don’t worry if you cannot find your favorite game here. This addon does contain a country channels section where you can choose your region and find your regional sports channels to enjoy the live event. I hope this addon will be of much use to people from various regions.

Install Halow Live TV Kodi sports addon

UK Turk Playlist

The name says the UK and Turkish playlist but it does provide many sports channels from various regions. This addon is more or less similar to the sports devil Kodi addon. The major difference is that the sports devil addon is dedicated entirely to sports. But in this addon, you can find some other content like movies, comedy shows and much more which you can surf at your leisure.

This addon does require ace stream plugin to collect various streams across the web, so kindly install ace stream first. If you have not installed, do not worry you can find an option to install the ace stream on the addon itself. Here you can find at least one or two sports channels from your region.

Install UK Turk Playlist Kodi sports addon

Sports Mania

The addons we have seen this far are absolutely free as well as illegal. To the users who do not want to get involved in such actions, this addon is especially for you. Sports Mania is a premium service that offers different sporting events & pays per views around the world in HQ/HD. This addon is really the best in the Kodi and offers all the sports channels based on your region.

This addon is basically based on monthly subscription depending on the various criteria like the number of channels you subscribe for. Though it is the paid subscription addon, it can be customizable. For more information about the addon and the payments visit http://sportsmania.rocks/. All you need to do is install the addon, log in with your Sports Mania account, and start streaming your favorite sports action.

Install Sportsmania Kodi sports addon

DC Sports

If you are a person, who watches sports in different languages. Then DC Sports is the best addon for you. This is one of the very few addons which provide sports in different languages. This is a UK based addon, but streams both UK and non-UK channels. DC Sports is providing live channels, PPV events and FC live, with some other on-demand shows.

dc sports

This is one of the best picks, it’s available in the super repository. It will be the best backup addon if you are a live sports freak.

Install DC Sports Kodi addon

Made in Canada

Made in Canada is an IPTV Kodi addon. Don’t get tricked by the name. It’s streaming most of Live TV from most of the countries. Mostly it contains channels from the USA and UK. And it also has a special category for English-speaking and French-speaking Canadians. It has around 250 channels. And most of the streams are working well. Made In Canada IPTV Kodi addon is available in the kodil repository. More than a sports addon, it can be used for live TV purposes. Most of the users, use this addon sports.

made in canada iptv kodi addon

Install Made In Canada IPTV kodi addon

Zem TV

Kodi is one of the most famous streaming software. But 90% of this popularity is from tier one countries. Kodi is still not so familiar with tier 2 countries like India and Pakistan. Though Kodi has a small percentage of the user from these countries. Zem TV Kodi addon is a region addon, which streams channels from India and Pakistan. Zem TV streams movies and TV shows in 5 different languages and sports channels.  So if you are Indian residing Abroad and missing your hometown channels, you can most probably find in this addon.

zem tv kodi addon

Zem TV Kodi addon is available in the super repository. And it was developed by Shani.  It streams channels like   Football Mania, PTC Sports, PakTv Sports, and lots more. It also has an inbuilt clear cache option, so you can optimize its performance on a regular interval.

Install Zem TV Kodi addon

Planet MMA

Planet MMA Kodi addon is an exclusive add-on for UFC, MMA, and other such fights. UFC Finest is rebranded as Planet MMA. If you are UFC freak, this is a must-have addon for you. You can watch all UFC and MMA fights live in this addon. And the best part is it has a lot more features. It has most of the sports contents. And they are categorized effectively to help the user. It also has some additional information like fighter info, documentaries, and some movies. Try this addon, and you will be mesmerized by its features.

Planet MMA Kodi addon is available in the super repository. And it also located in supremacy and kodil repository. It also has some additional features like a section-wise search, to find your favorite content.

Install Planet MMA Kodi Addon

Sports World

This is a geo-restricted addon, you have to change your IP to the US or UK to access the contents of this addon. This is simply a live streaming addon. While opening the addon, it will scrap a list of currently streaming channels. Then the list will be displayed. Just click on it, to watch the channel. And the possibility of getting an error is very low since it streams the fresh links. Thus you can use this addon to watch live sports and PPV events. We were totally impressed by its one-click feature. You can just play anything, in just a single click. This addon is available in the kodil repository.


Adryanlist has got a huge collection of the sports channel. It provides all the scheduled sports using several IPTV addons. This addon is the most popular third Party IPTV Kodi addon. This addon is most popular in Spain, as it provides the most content from Spain. You can find all your sports events in this addon.

It does also contain HD channels separately where you can find the HD channels from all the region. This is one of the constantly updated add-ons to date. In addition to this, you can find several other contents with this addon.

Install Adryanlist Kodi sports addon

P2P sports

This is a peer to peer sports streaming addon. This will use the torrent link to stream the Tv channels. So this addon requires an additional addon to work properly. That is you need to have an ace stream functioning device to use this addon. This is really simple. The only thing you have to do is install Plexus ace stream addon, which is a program addon.

After this, the addon will automatically search the torrent link and stream the channel for you. This addon is providing only a small number of channels as of now. But I hope this will get updated soon and will provide a large number of channels.

Install P2P Sports Addon

Falcon sports

Regularly missing your sports due to your busy schedule, don’t we have found the best addon to watch your favorite sports reply during your leisure time. Falcon Sports Kodi addon helps to watch your favorite show at good quality. We were totally impressed by the quality. Both the audio and video are crystal clear and in perfect sync. There is no delay while playback. They are streaming most of the providers. Their contents are categorized based on the providers. And to watch the live show, it has a separate section. It is available in the AJ to build a repository. This one of the addon, which you must have in your collection.

Install Falcon sports Kodi addon

Live Hub

Live Hub as the name impacts is the best addon for watching live actions. This addon provides popular sports channels from the USA & UK. You can find all the sports channels from the USA & UK here. This is an IPTV supported addon. In order to watch live sports, open the addon go to IPTV scrappers, and choose your favorite channel to watch the action.

Under web scrapers, you can find a lot of providers, choose any one of them to watch all of your favorite regional sports channels. All you need to do is sit and try every provider there to find your favorite sports channel. Along with this, it does also provide some of the other regional channels too, which you can enjoy at your leisure.

Rising Tides

Rising Tights is an IPTV Live Sports Kodi Addon that lets you enjoy all your favorite live sports events and games with the highest quality. This is one of the few addons that is updated on a daily basis. With Rising Tides, you will know everything about sports. One can easily find live events for football, cricket, boxing, golf, motorsports, and more. Rising Tides is a new Kodi third-party addon to the Rising tights repository that allows you to watch matches live on hundreds of international TV channels.

After installing this addon on your Kodi, you will see the main menu with sections includes Football highlights, Sports channels, Live Football, Live PPV Events, Extra Live Content, Test Area.

The Sports Channels section offers you many major sports channels around the world, but most sports channels in the United States and the United Kingdom (Sky, BT, Bein, Racing, etc.)

The Live football section contains matches form many major premier leagues, UK premier league, and other league matches. If you are a combat fan, the Live PPV Events section can help you a lot. You can find dozens of major PPV events in this section, and the links are available as per the event timings.

Sports 365

Sport 365 Live is one of the few addons the has shown great stability and consistently updated working addon. The reason for its durability is it does not depend on other addons. Most game addons use Sports Devil content, but it has become less active and up to date.

The fact is that the codebase is an open-source platform, which increases the possibility of keeping the addon project alive even if its developer goes dark. It’s great to see such an addon from a developer who has already offered many successful addons.

It offers football, hockey, tennis, rugby, basketball, F1, boxing, biathlon, cricket, handball, football, and a variety of NFL games. The genres include live sport and more. Sports 365 s the new Kodi third addon to the QWER repo that pulls streams from a known IPTV website.

There are no genres on Sports 365 Live, and you get a huge list of all the games and events happening today, that you can click on it and search for a working link. Sports 365 crore Adon pulls streams from a known IPTV website. It is an excellent alternative addon for all sports fans as you can get everything as per your interest.

Gridiron Legends

At present, Kodi’s best addon to watching American football online, Gridiron Legends from Noel Dynasty Repo. Whether you want to watch a live football game, watch game reruns, or watch highlighted movies, Gridiron Legends got you covered.

You can also watch NFL streams with NCAA matches and even XFL (formerly Lingerie Football League then Legends Football League) with NFL streams. The football season takes place all year round with a live tour and a complete restart of previous football matches.

There are many more to explore! Along with the live matches and replays, Gridiron Legends has found many great sports movies to stream. You can find these movies in the special entertainment category, such as the classic boxing movies “Rocky” to “Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story,” to even with off-seasons.

This addon’s primary focus is North American football, but that’s not all. You can find and stream all the mayhem of the NCAA March madness. There is a lot of combat coverage for fans of boxing, wrestling, and UFC. MLB, NHL, and NBA with rugby and international football. England’s Premier League, a tough sport to stream in many parts of the world, is available in Gridiron Legends addon.

Limitless Live IPTV

Limitless Live IPTV, an All-in-One Kodi addon the offers various feed links for your review. You may need to try some links to check, which works well with your Internet connection and your preferred streaming device. Options include SD, HD, 4K, and real-Debrid compatible video streams. After selecting a link to your firestick, Android TV box, or another device, you may need a moment to limit the connection, and it’s worth waiting a few seconds.

They offer free and unlimited entertainment options from channels like Showtime, HBO, Cinemax, Fox, CNN, NFL, NBA, ICC, Vivo, Unlimited Coming, and much more. Get this best new Kodi addons to stream live games, news channels, new TV series, movies, and more.

The Loop

Loop is one of the most popular Kodi addons created by Munkee. This addon is perfection in working and is one of the best sport Kodi addons at present. By installing this game addon on your Kodi, you can use it to stream replays and watch a lot of sports matches. It offers you with live, replay, PDC darts. The impressive quality of this section is that the events and matches are characterized by date. If you missed one of your favorite games, don’t worry, you can find it here.

It has a well organized and separate section for each sport. The Sections include CBC Regional, Fan Zone, Fight Zone, Game Zone Restart, Golf 24/7, NBA Zone, NBC Sports Regional, NFL Zone, NHL Zone and more. When it comes to UFC, you can find all the preferences and key content here. It gives you a live event, an upcoming event, as well as the time and date of the event. This will serve as a useful calendar for your golf fans too.

In general, Loop Kodi Addon is a good option for all sports fans. Once you have tried, you will never give up on this addon.


This is one of the best Kodi sports addons I have used so far. The name Goodfellas suits the addon very much. Because you will come to know when you use it. You can find anything you want, anything that is available online on this addon. May it be highlights or Live stream you can watch it here. Don’t fed up after trying one or two providers. there are many providers in this addon, from which a least one provider will provide you with the content you wish.

This addon also contains sports actions and events from various regions especially Asia, America, and Europe. There is a separate category for football fans where you can enjoy the live stream as well as the highlights.


Boom Kodi addon is one of the new members of the best sports addon club. And surprisingly it has taken down many Kodi addon places. Using this, you can live stream most of the matches. And the best part is, they are streaming from their own private server. So we can expect a maximum uptime. Its contents are categorized depends on the type of sports. It includes Football, Boxing/MMA, Racing, and other sports. In addition to this, it also has a list of providers to stream live channels.

Boom Kodi addon has its own repository, boom repository. It has some of the best sports channels under the Acestream header. Alternatively, the boom Kodi addon is also available in the brettus repository.


So, these are some of the best Kodi sports addons to watch live sports on Kodi in HD. I am sure you are going to enjoy all the sports events on your device. Do share your experience with us through comments.


Can I stream Live matches in Kodi?

Yes. There are a lot of addons available in Kodi that will help you to stream Live matches and even PPV content for free.

What are the best Kodi sports addon?

We suggest you with 5 best Kodi sports addons.

  • Sports Devil
  • Halow TV
  • UK Turk
  • Sportsmania
  • DC Sports

Where do I find these addons?

To get an addon, first, you need to get the source URL. From the source URL, you can install repositories that host the addons. For your reference, we have listed you with 15+ Repo URL.

What are the drawbacks of using Kodi addons?

Not all add-ons, but some third-party addon on Kodi stream copyrighted or licensed content, that might get you in some legal trouble. So we suggest you to stream content that is available in the public domain or else you can use a VPN to hide your IP and secure your streaming experience.